Solbio Solbio Original - 0.8L

The original Solbio, but with a smaller jacket! This 800 ml Solbio contains 20 doses.

Solbio Solbio Original XXL – 10L

From the Solbio XXL you get 250 doses. With this 10 liter package you will arrive for a whole camping season.

Solbio Sustainable camping: Solbio Original XL

Solbio Original Pouch Front
Solbio Original is the #1 organic toilet fluid for mobile toilets worldwide. Our multifunctional formula is powerful, safe and contains pure, fresh scents.

Solbio Sustainable sailing: Solbio Marine XL

Solbio Marine Pouch Front
Solbio Marine is the #1 natural toilet fluid for mobile toilets and waste water tanks worldwide. The extra powerful 4-in-1 formula is also suitable for larger waste water tanks.

How do you use Solbio?

Only 4 simple steps with a huge effect

Waste tank

Solbio works hard in the waste tank, turning the contents into liquid and preventing unpleasant smells and gas formation. Dosage: 40 ml per 0-20 litre tank capacity + 2 litres of water in the waste tank.

Flush water tank

Solbio prevents the formation of black particles and keeps your tank and toilet fresh and clean. Dose 40 ml of Solbio per 20 litres of tank capacity.

Wastewater tank

You can also use Solbio in the wastewater tank to prevent unpleasant smells and keep the tank free of grease deposits. Pour 40 ml of Solbio per 50 litres of tank capacity into the sink or shower drain.


Our Solbio organic toilet fluid removes lime and urine stains without affecting the toilet. A little Solbio on the toilet brush or in the tank will keep the toilet clean and fresh.

4 key ingredients of the highest quality in your Solbio

4 powerhouses to do the work

  • Natural soaps
  • Natural citric acid
  • 100% natural essential oils
  • Plant extracts

The difference

Compare a biological toilet with a chemical one
Finally, an alternative!

Finally, an alternative!

Many campers prefer not to fill their caravan or motor home with chemicals. So sitting on top of a pile of chemicals on your camping trip isn’t healthy or pleasant. Mixtures you make yourself with acids and chlorine can damage the rubber and seals on mobile toilets.

That’s why Solbio is the alternative that combines natural ingredients and cleaning power.

Nature can do it

Nature can do it

“Can an organic toilet fluid clean as well as a chemical one?” we can almost hear you thinking. But did you know that nature offers excellent solutions? Mother Earth provides us with the most powerful cleaners!

We use only 4 ingredients in Solbio organic toilet fluids. All of them can be found in nature. Natural soaps, natural citric acid, 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts do the dirty work for you.

Greener, cleaner, safer and easier

Greener, cleaner, safer and easier

Clean air, green surroundings, sun, beach, forest; nature is an integral part of camping. Chemicals are the opposite. Our goal: to develop a completely organic toilet fluid that’s just as good as the chemical option.

Not only is Solbio greener and cleaner, but because we only use natural ingredients, the toilet fluid is 100% safe, for nature, your health and your toilet. The unique 4-in-1 formula only makes things easier for you.

In short, Solbio…

Any chemical toilet can become an eco toilet!

  •    Mobile toilets
  •    Cassette toilets in caravans and motor homes
  •    Coach toilets
  •    Boat toilets
  •    Camping toilets
  •    etc.