What’s the best mobile toilet for a motorhome?

There are four possible solutions to go potty while you’re on the road

Travelling around with an RV is the absolute best. Granted, it’s not the fastest way to travel, but it certainly is the most adventurous. The moment you leave your driveway, your holiday begins. You might be the type of person to follow the itinerary you designed weeks in advance or you might prefer to just check the weather forecast on the day itself and drive towards the sunshine. In any case, don’t forget: with great freedom comes great responsibility. Wait, is that how that quote goes? Doesn’t matter, our point is: make sure you have the right toilet for the road. So what are your options?

  1. Cassette toilet: the golden standard

Most motorhomes have a built-in toilet so you can remove the cassette from the outside. The clear advantages are that it requires minimum interaction with what’s inside the cassette, it’s tucked away neatly into your RV and you can easily empty it at a dumping station. The size of the cassette mainly determines how often you need to empty it. Use Solbio to break down waste and toilet paper and prevent scale. It also freshens the air and freshens up your loo. For extra comfort, you can install a SOG system on your cassette to make sure there are absolutely no smells coming into your motorhome. Also, with Solbio you can empty the cassette anywhere.

  1. Composting toilet: little to no water needed

Over the previous years eco-minded travellers have been moving away from chemicals, which is something we can only encourage. A composting toilet is a type of dry toilet that uses organic materials such as sawdust, coconut coir or peat moss to create air pockets. After a while these break down the waste into compost. Whatever’s left you can then simply dispose of or use as fertiliser. The upside of a composting toilet is that you need little to no water. The downside is that it doesn’t mask smells as well as other toilets.

  1. Portable toilet: a solid back-up

If you are planning to go to campsites that have their own facilities, but you want to be prepared for whenever plans change or worse comes to worst, a portable toilet might just be what you need. It’s a standalone unit that typically consists of a lightweight plastic toilet bowl and a detachable waste tank. You can place it inside your RV or outside in nature. It’s ideal if you want to have a solid alternative on board, just in case the campsite or highway facilities leave a lot to be desired. Yes France, we’re talking about you.

  1. Toilet bucket: a solid back-up

Listen, it exists, so we are including it in our list, but this is definitely an emergency solution. It’s the cheapest toilet out there and basically consists of a reinforced plastic bucket and a seat. Please empty immediately after every use. And pray you won’t need it.

Whatever you choose, Solbio is your perfect companion along the route. Our 100% biodegradable toilet fluid is powerful, fresh, affordable and completely organic. Choose the toilet that best suits your needs, but be sure to take the green road!


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