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Your camping loo can be
the most natural thing in the world.

Solbio is the world's premier 100% biodegradable toilet fluid. Powerful, fresh, affordable and completely organic. Ready to take the green road?

Disposable anywhere


100% natural

No chemicals

Do you travel fresh or fruity?

Do you prefer a compact setup or a house on wheels? A weekend getaway or a three-week road trip along the south coast of France? Solbio is available in three sizes and two scents. Go for Original with eucalyptus or Marine with citrus.
Full range

What makes Solbio unique?

Disposable anywhere

No more endless driving around.


From 0.20 €/day.

100% natural

Just plant extract, citric acid, natural soap and essential oil.

No chemicals

100% biodegradable

4-in-1 formula

Solbio breaks down waste and toilet paper while preventing scale. It also freshens the air and freshens up your loo.

Suits every portable toilet

Perfect for your porta potty, caravan, campervan, RV, boat, bus, train or plane.
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Camped and stamped

Sometime it has to be done, no public toilets, not allowed to pitch your toilet tent so out comes the cassette toilet. I don't want to harm the environment, I don't want unpleasant odours ( Natural or chemical) and I want something that breaks down what needs to be broken down so it can be disposed of simply. This ticks every box and nullifies the odours to such an extent I forgot I had " been". I don't know how long it last or how many cassette refills it will do but I know it does the job


I bought this as I was finding my campervan toilet was still smelling with other products I had tried. Solbio has remedied this as there is now no odour whatsoever. Highly recommended!



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