Solbio Sustainable camping: Solbio Original - 1,6L

Solbio Origial
Solbio Original is the #1 organic toilet fluid for mobile toilets worldwide. Our multifunctional formula is powerful, safe and contains pure, fresh scents.

Solbio Green sailing: Solbio Marine – 1,6L

Solbio Marine is the #1 natural toilet fluid for mobile toilets and waste water tanks worldwide. The extra powerful 4-in-1 formula is also suitable for larger waste water tanks.

Because you love the outdoors

We try to consider nature and the environment in everything we do. That’s why we’ve developed an organic toilet fluid. Finally, there’s an alternative!


  • Only natural ingredients
  • A powerful formula, 100% effective
  • 4-in-1: for waste tanks, flush water tanks, waste water tanks and self-cleaning
  • Concentrated and economical
  • No other materials necessary
  • Camp one step closer to the great outdoors
  • No strange smells (there’s no need to be that natural)


Volle 5 Sterren! *****
Leni & Toni
Leni & Toni
Reisemobil International
4 Sterren ****
Reisemobil International

Save a ton of money with Solbio

It's less expensive than any other product of its kind!
As low as € 0,59 / toiletjes