Taking the green road together

Our best buds

We've already travelled long and far, so inevitably we've made some friends along the way. These companions share our core values. They are all on the same mission to make the world a cleaner place. These friendships allow us to grow faster, more stable and more sustainable.

Discover below who we love roasting marshmallows with around the camp fire.

These Germans have developed a portable grey water system. This allows you to dispose of your waste without having to move your vehicle.

Simply Collect

Portable waste water

The quality of your water is important, whether you use it to drink, wash, rinse or cook. These Germans keep your water tank fresh, without using silver ions.


Clean water on board

These Frenchies invented fully biodegradable cutlery, made from plants and minerals. 100% natural, recyclable and stylish.

Table & Nature

Organic cutlery

No water, no worries! This compost toilet is an ecological, practical and odourless alternative. Bonus: You only have to empty it every three months.


Water-free toilet

Bambex toilet paper is made from bamboo and sugar cane. Sturdy, but soft on the cheeks. It's 100% biodegradable and dissolves quickly. Ideal for a portable toilet.  


Wood-free toilet paper

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